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Ziptied College Girl
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

College girlAshley Lane is captured & bound with zipties. Heavily blindfolded, tape gagged and barefoot, she struggles on the floor with her ankles, wrists, and toes tightly ziptied. After awhile she is moved to the bed & her blindfold removed, but she is still unable to free herself from the tight ziptie bondage.

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Includes bondage, damsel in distress, gagged women, struggling, barefoot, blindfold

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20 minutes



Girl's Night Bondage
Featuring Chrissy Marie, Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Ashley Lane, Star Nine & Chrissy Marie get together for a girl's night. They're excited to see each other and are joking about their evening plans. Chrissy strips down to her bra & panties to get more comfortable & Ashley and Star quickly join her. They're thinking about opening a bottle of wine when they are interrupted by an intruder!

Now all three girls are tied together, their wrists behind their backs, their legs frogtied and their tits wrapped up in rope and connected to each other. They struggle and moan around the big ball-gags in their mouths. They do their best to try to get free, but only manage to move around in a circle as drool drips out of their mouths.

The intruder returns, but instead of untying them he moves them to the bedroom. Now all three girls are tied with their legs spread and hands above their head. They each have a tight crotch rope and are gagged tightly with microfoam. They struggle on the bed, with their knotted crotch ropes tight against their clits but are unable to reach to untie each other.

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Includes bondage, rope bondage, gagged women, struggling

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25 minutes



Bondage Negotiation
Featuring Alison Rey

Alison Rey's celebration of her new modeling contract is short lived when she discovers a man from a rival agency in her home! He wants her to model for him & isn't interested in her excuses. She tries to assert her professional obligations but he is very convincing.

Alison removes her tiny little top and shows him her tits. He ties her to a chair and she struggles to free herself. She's able to reach her phone but then he returns and convinces her to strip down all the way & then walk down the hallway naked for him.

Now she's tied to a post, totally naked and cleave gagged. She struggles against the pole, rubbing her feet together to loosen the ropes (and stimulating her clit in the process). As she arches and contorts against the ropes she gets more and more aroused until she shouts out in frustration, demanding her captors attention.

He approaches and pulls down her gag, Alison explains that she had no idea negotiating could be so arousing & suggests he untie her & take her to bed.

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Includes bondage, rope bondage, struggling, gagged women, escaping, forced to strip

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12 minutes



Creeping Cables
Featuring Ashley Lane

Ashley Lane sits down at her desk and opens the drawer. She gazes longingly at her dildo collection, but sighs & puts them away. There's too much work to do. She begins to work at her computer, but soon falls asleep.

As she sleeps, the office wiring comes alive. Several cables creep towards her feet and work their way up her thighs. More wires come and wrap around her waist and inside her shirt. Her mouse and keyboard unplug themselves and wrap around her hands. A hdmi cable jumps up into her panties and slips inside her pussy.

She is startled awake. Her eyes go wide as she struggles with the cables. They slowly pull her under her desk. The wires around her legs pull them into a frog tie and the hdmi cable slips out from her panties and begins to undress her. A long telephone cable wraps around her tits and begins rubbing her nipples.

Ashley gasps in horror as her desk drawer opens and the dildos inside hop out, creeping up to her and penetrating her ass and pussy. She hears someone coming but before she can cry out another dildo jumps into her mouth.

The dildos pump away in every hole until they finally cum inside her. Cum drips out her holes as one of the dildos rubs on her tits and cums on her nipples.

Finally released, a shaken Ashley begins to creep away, but a cable jumps up and wraps around her leg, pulling her back for more.

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Includes aliens & monsters, struggling, damsel in distress, bondage, magic control

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16 minutes



Erotic Tentacle
Featuring Star Nine

Star Nine is modeling for a phtooshoot when a monster tentacle creeps into frame! At first she is frightened when the huge tentacle wraps around her neck, but it soon becomes interested in other parts of her body. She loves the strong, wet, suctiony tentacle touching her all over and making her cum.

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Includes aliens & monsters, damsel in distress, peril, groping, struggling, orgasms

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