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Collared Pantyhose Slave
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Ashley kneels in the foyer in her slave uniform. Sheer black pantyhose. Large black ball gag. Posture collar. Her eyes are downcast as she waits in slave position 1 for her Master to come home.

Star enters and stares at her daughter in shock. She's been away for two months & apparently a lot has changed while she was away. She kneels to question her daughter. Ashley mumbles around the large gag in her mouth until Star takes it out.

Remaining on her knees, Ashley tells the story of how her father has turned her into a collared, pantyhose slave & bondage slut. How she's been made to walk the halls of school with inflatable plugs stretching her pussy and asshole. She lists off the new rules she must follow.

Concerned, Star asks her daughter if this is really what she wants her life to be like. Ashley shyly admits how wet she gets when she thinks about her slavery. How she soaks through her pantyhose in class, in a constant state of arousal, thinking about how she's been turned into a bondage slut at home.

Star asks what she should do with this information & Ashley begs to be allowed to cum. She's been denied for weeks. Star reaches down and feels her daughter's soaked pantyhose. Her demeanor changes as she admits this is no surprise, ordering her daughter to assume position 2. Ashley begs for release and Star slides her hand inside her wet pantyhose and plunges her fingers into her eager pussy. She allows Ashley to cum before letting her know that was the last request she will ever make now that she is a collared slave.

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Includes pantyhose domination, slave training, fingering, taboo, submissive sluts

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15 minutes



Fucked Up Little Girl
Featuring Ashley Lane

Ashley Lane gleefully shows you what a twisted little slut she can be. She shows off her slutty little pink outfit, stripping down to her skimpy g-string and revealing the glass plug in her tight asshole.

She removes the panties & stuffs them in her pussy as she talks about how much she loves you and how much she needs you to make her do all these twisted things because she's a fucked up little girl. (This was a custom video for Andrew, so bonus if your name is Andrew ;p)

Next, Ashley shows off her pee-hole, pissing into a clear glass with a close-up angle so that you can see the water coming right out of her piss-hole. She removes the glass plug from her ass & fucks asshole as deep as she can with anal beads, cumming loudly.

Finally, your fucked up little girl, produces a long pink jelly double dildo and alternates fucking her tight little pussy with it & gagging long and hard on it. She face fucks herself fast and hard until she gags and pukes over and over again, proud of her little vomit puddle. She puts the plug back in her as and pounds her pussy again, so happy to be your slutty little whore.

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Submissive Sluts, Gagging, Slut Training, Pee, Gag Reflex, Anal Masturbation

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34 minutes



Breaking Ashley Lane
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Star has Ashley Lane stung up in her garage. She plans to turn the tall blonde into her lesbian sex slave, wearing her down with whipping and forced orgasms. Ashley submits and Star enjoys her conquest as the two blondes cum under each other's tongues.

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Lesbian Domination, Forced Orgasms, Whipping, Submissive/Slave Training, Flogging, Submissive Sluts

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43 minutes



Malleable 3
Featuring Arielle Lane & Cupcake Sinclair

Cupcake SinClair is having trouble focusing at work again. She's reprimanded by her new boss, Arielle Lane for being late with the spreadsheets. Arielle is surprised when Cupcake drops to her knees and begins to nuzzle her legs. Arielle is sure she can do better and tells her to get back to work, but Cupcake lingers, looking for discipline. Arielle puts her back on track with an over-the-knee spanking.

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Office Domination, OTK Spanking, Secretary, Spanking F/F, Submissive Sluts, Pantyhose Domination

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9 minutes



Stuffed Love
Featuring Star Nine

Star makes a special video for a new lover who enjoys fully stuffing her mouth. He's out of the country and she misses the way he packs her mouth full. She models three gags for him in the video, fully stuffing her mouth in each.

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TapeGagged, Submissive Sluts, Self Bondage, Mouth Fetish, Gag Talk, Gagged Women

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12 minutes



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