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Mesmerized Heroines
Featuring Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

You snap your fingers & Wonder Star angrily charges you. She jumps back in shock as she is not able to penetrate the protective circle. You explain your plan, how you're going to use her to capture Super Chrissy. Wonder Star proudly tells you that she knows all of your tricks & she won't be falling for them.

You begin to play a mesmerizing song. Wonder Star stars to feel the effects but is able to snap out of it and cover her ears. Your produce the spinning wand, her hands slip away from her ears as she gazes, captivated by the lights but again she is able to regain control.

Now her ears are covered, her eyes squeezed tight, but you have one more trick up your sleeve. You spray her down with a powerful aphrodisiac. Soon Wonder Star is reduced to a mesmerized, masturbating slut. Completely under your control.

Cue Super Chrissy to the rescue! Will she be able to awaken Wonder Star from her mesmerized slumber? Or will she too be reduced to a drooling, cumming, super slut?

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Includes woman following orders, superheroine, mesmerize, magic control, orgasms

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24 minutes



Ultragirl's Biggest Fan
Featuring Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

Ultragirl arrives to save the day, she frees the hostage who turns out to be her biggest fan. Of course it was a trap, and as Ultragirl answers Star's fan girl questions, she surprises the heroine, pinning her arms behind her back and clamping her hand down hard over her mouth.

Ultragirl has now traded places with her biggest fan. Her legs are tied spread to the chair and her boots and powerbelt are missing. Star teases her, removing her heel and rubbing Ultragirl's crotch with her nylon foot. Star straddles Ultragirl, groping and kissing her but Ultragirl resists so she gags and blindfolds her and leaves her for the night.

In the morning, Ultragirl has had some time to think her way out of her predicament. She knows what she has to do, but is still reluctant. As her biggest fan fondles her, Ultragirl promises to treat her like the huge fan that she is if she'll untie her. She return's Star's kiss and Star eventually unties her.

Ultragirl asks about her powerbelt, but lets Star lead her by the hand to the bedroom where she allows Star to guide her hands over her body. As Star becomes more aroused she hands Ultragirl her hitatchi and finally lets her know where her powerbelt is as she is close to cumming.

As Star recovers from her orgasm Ultragirl cuffs her. Star tells her it was all worth it & she's still her biggest fan. A look of confusion and self doubt washes over Ultragirl's face as she leads Star away.

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Includes superheroine, bondage, lesbian domination, foot fetish, HOM, ball gag

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16 minutes



Batman Begs 3
Featuring Codey Steele & Star Nine

Catwoman releases Batman and tells him that he is free to go. He takes a step towards the door & wavers. He slowly turns and falls to his knees at Catwoman's feet begging to stay, there's nothing out there for him anymore.

Catwoman says that her sylvesters have to remain useful & she's not sure that he's broken enough to contribute to her coffers, but he's in a great position to clean her boots. Batman eagerly begins to worship her boots, she eventually removes them & has him worship one foot while she toys with his cock with the other and muses as to how she will get the most use out of her broken bat. She asks if he is ready to use his gadgets and position on her behalf, stealing for her, fighting off anyone who would interfere with her "collecting". He's not quite ready to say yes . . .

Catwoman tests his resolve, wrapping her sexy nylon feet around his hard cock and giving him a pantyhose footjob. Batman struggles to keep his last shred of heroic ethics as she pumps her nylon feet up and down his shaft. All it would take is a simple yes & he'd be allowed to cum. He begs & begs, and is denied once again.

More training will eventually warp his mind. The door is open, he can leave anytime. Batman watches her walk out & sits on the floor dumbfounded by his moral quandary

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Includes tease & denial, super villain, superheroine, female domination, footjob

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14 minutes



Busted By Heroines
Featuring Nyssa Nevers, Tomiko & Star Nine

Batgirl (Star Nine), Robin (Tomiko) & Supergirl (Nyssa Nevers) get their hands on the Trillion Dollar Man, a vile villain who can only be taken down by hard kicks to the balls.

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Includes ballbusting, superheroine, ball abusefemale domination

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12 minutes



Supergirl's Indestructible Cape
Featuring Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

Supergirl & Batgirl (Chissy Marie), return to their lair after dispatching some villains. Batgirl is limping but Supergirl is flawless. She makes fun of Batgirl for being so weak & Batgirl accuses her of just standing there and posing while she did all the work. Tired of Supergirl's constant criticisms, Batgirl removes a kryptonite solution from her belt. There are only two things on earth that can defeat Supergirl - kryptonite & her own cape which is made from an indestructible material. With Supergirl weakened from the kryptonite, Batgirl is easily able to to wield her own cape against her.

Batgirl pulls Supergirl's cape tightly over her face, then uses a special tape measure to transform the cape's size. She tightly wraps Supergirl in the cape, mummifying her in it with only her feet exposed. Batgirl takes advantage, tickling Supergirl's exposed feet & the rest of her body through the sheet. Then she ties the cape around Supergirl so that she is balled up with her face and hands pressing up against the indestructible material.

Batgirl reveals her plan to gift Supergirl to Lex Luthor, and then she makes the classic mistake of leaving the room to make the call . . . Supergirl frees herself from the cape & prepares her revenge.

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Includes superheroine, mummification, tickling, hom

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23 minutes



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