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Supergirl's New Master
Featuring Star Nine

Super Girl stands mindlessly under your control. Lifting her super heroine uniform, you reveal her black lace panties and give her a couple of ass smackings. She replies, "Yes Master", to your commands like an obedient slave.

Going to her knees she gives a handjob (dildo) with glazed eyes as you inform her of a client coming to look at her. Before he arrives, you're belly button fucking her with your hard cock. Her hands guide the shaft aso the head probes deeper in her navel. Moaning, she's excited when a big load is left on her flat stomach. Now that you've cum on her, she's your property.

Snapping your fingers, she transforms into a sexy flirtatious whore, eager to please. Sexy dancing and stripping her Super Girl uniform, she freezes and unfreezes on command.

Lap dancing on your hard cock, she stops grinding to get on her knees and give a sensual handjob. A huge load on her chest, she declares her loyalty to you.

Changing out of her superheroine uniform, she returns in tight spandex pants and a transparent shirt. The black boots have been replaced with black stilettos. Cock stroking while giving a seductive dance, she agrees to destroy her former Master.

Includes superheroine, woman following orders, slut training, mental domination, submissive/slave training

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12 minutes



Doctor KO
Featuring Candle Boxxx & Star Nine

Superheroine Star Nine tells Dr. Candle Boxxx about her heroic misadventures, not knowing that she is a Supervillain. Star thinks there is a spell blocking her memory. The doctor suggests a medical exam and her stethoscope causes lightheadedness. An eye check triggers her previous training and Candle recounts her KO exploits in a series of vignettes.

The medical professional "accidentally" gives her knockout spray. Star's fluttering eyes cross until she slumps and Candle ragdolls her arms. A neck pressure point knockout causes her to gasp and go limp. A spiked drink causes heavy eyes and she slumps on the exam table. Her tight ass receives a poison dart and her body tumbles from the medical table to the floor.

Candle admits that she bought the sleeping supplies from a villain website to take away Star's memory. She loves groping the helpless superheroine but can't lose her credibility. Now her long red fingernails can grope Star without punishment!

Star complains that it smells like chloroform, and Candle wonders if she has phantom odors that continually drug her even when not given a dose. In a flashback, she's given a chloroform rag.

More knockout treatments ensue with IV drugs, a needle to the neck, and a gas mask, under the guise that they will give energy. Candle gives a mantra to "let go" until her patient goes still.

Stripping Star's clothes, Candle is always amazed at her perfect body and can't stop from tit squeezing her.

Memory spray erases any of the evil doctor's misdeeds and Star happily makes an appointment for next month.

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Includes sleep fetish, limp fetish, medical fetish, superheroine, lesbian domination

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11 minutes



More Gas!
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Superheroine Quick Fix (Star Nine) awakens nude on the floor and is annoyed that she was gassed. Standing, she's surprised that her eyes are getting heavy, but since her powers evolve to prevent the same peril from affecting her, she's confident she can overcome it.

Later, she finds a naked Ashley Lane limp on the floor and starts rousing her. They aren't sure how the supervillain knocked out both of them but are determined to destroy him.

Star doesn't realize Ashley is in on the ruse, and is helpless as she puts a gas mask over her mouth. Her green eyes widen, and she struggles to remove the medical mask with her black gloves. Weakened, she gets sleepier in Ashley's arms, until KO'ed and slumping to the floor.

Chair bondage keeps Star incapacitated and Ashley gropes her tits. Ashley is mind controlled by the Baddie and isn't thinking for herself as she ups the gas dosage.

Star regains mental control briefly but forgets that Ashley is a brainwashed slave and begs for help, only to receive more KO's. Ashley continues tit grabbing and pussy rubbing not realizing that Star awakened and untied her wrist bondage.

With a quick karate move, Ashley folds to the floor in a heap. Star uses a spray antidote that removes the hypnosis and they bolt before they are both hypnotized!

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Includes limp fetish, lesbian domination, bondage, gas mask, superheroine

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10 minutes



Catwoman JOI
Featuring Star Nine

A little birdie got caught in my trap, so sing a song for your Mistress about your incompetence. I would rather have Batman in my grip than a pathetic sidekick like you.

Putting my short gloves to my red lips cock teases before doing a glove removal, revealing my claws. Are these long fingernails sharp enough for you?

you are an appetizer before that superhero comes. I get tired of his repressed sexuality, so give me a little show and I will allow you to go back to your partner in crime. Tell me what you dream about when you're masturbating that little cock to me? I see your little dick pulsing in your uniform.

Leg spreading wide, you see the catsuit gusset covering the pussy you desire. Debooting my ankle boots and revealing my reinforced toe stockings, I humiliate your arousal. your eyes are mesmerized by my toe pointing and nylon soles. you can't look away from the pointed toes if you wanted.

Stroke for ME until you cum a big load. Do what your Master won't let himself do. Masturbate for my long legs, pantyhose feet, and spitting mouth.

Keep jacking off but point that rod to your own face as I'm pov ball squeezing and anal fingering. Just a little prostate teasing and you came on your stupid face and mask!

Now go away and don't come back without bringing the Bat.

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Includes super villain, female domination, femdom pov, joi, humiliation

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13 minutes



Supergirl vs Kryptonia
Featuring Alison Rey & Star Nine

Supergirl (Star Nine) cries on her bed because she's lost her strength, boots and cape. She's scared of Lex Luthor's kryptonite and letting it mind fuck her into a helpless damsel.

Shivering in weakness, she starts playing with her toes while trying to psyche herself up for the fight. She moans while giving a self foot massage. Her long fingernails are kneading her bare feet and it's calming down the beaten down superheroine.

Giving a deep toe massage calms Super Girl and she's smiling as her wrinkled soles are flexed and kneaded. Leg stretching, she's confident she can fight any supervillain.

Toe massaging helps everything and she's ready to conquer her foes! Flexing muscles in a victory pose, her strength is back!

SuperGirl is ready to confront Lex Luthor, but surprised by Kryptonia (Alison Rey). Gasping for air and trembling with fear, she senses her foe toe tapping her with green toenails behind her. The supervillain laughs as she confronts the powerless superheroine. Super Girl is helpless and can't stop her nemesis from caressing her uniform with her long fingernails.

The Do Gooder's frustrated by her fluttering eyes and her inability to fight back. Luthor created Kryptonia to be the embodiment of SuperGirl's weakness. Flexing biceps, she's taunting, "Why steal power, when I have my own?"

A kiss drops Supergirl to her knees, leaving kryptonite lipstick on SuperGirl's lips. Kryptonia clutches her jaw, sucking her strength. With Supergirl heaving in pain on the floor, Kryptonia keeps her prey docile by dosing her with more kisses.

Powering down her Kryptonite so SuperGirl can play, the Baddie loves the view of Supergirl crawling away with her tight ass in the air. When Supergirl thinks she has a chance of escape, Kryptonia grabs her ankles and drags her back.

Challenged to a fight, Supergirl manages to stand, but is woozy. Given a free shot, it burns her hand after the punching makes impact. In a victory pose, Kryptonia crows of her defeating supergirl while bicep flexing. She's the strongest Villainess of all and ready to go to the bedroom with her prey.

Kryptonia lays Supergirl's weak body on the bed and gives a foot massage. The fallen superheroine begs for the foot play to end. Sitting up, the whites of her eyes show as she tries to maintain power.

Kryptonia offers her Kryptonite cape, but starts choking Supergirl with it. Gasping for air, Supergirl's gagging and Kryptonia pushes her down, pleased when she's knocked out.

Covering her with the magic cape keeps Supergirl trembling in fear. She agrees to a forced stripping if only to end the pain. Embarrassed and humiliated, she unzips her uniform while crying. The bratty supervillain wants a sexy show instead of a weeping damsel and makes her turn around showing her tits and ass.

Kissing Supergirl causes pleasure and pain, but the kryptonite strap-on terrorizes her. Teasing the glowing dildo near her pussy, Kryptonia loves seeing her fear her big cock. Pulling out for pussy slapping brings no respite because Super Girl's turned over for doggystyle while the controlling cape chokes her. If Supergirl cums she will becomes Kryptonia's sex slave. Determined to get a g-spot orgasm, Supergirl's pounded harder.

Flipped to missionary position, Kryptonia commands Supergirl to masturbate as she's drilling her cunt. The hard fucking with tit bouncing is too much for Supergirl, and she cums hard on that green dick. Spent, the defeated heroine lies there in shame, but Kryptonia starts her whore training. Kryptonite chains immobilize Supergirl.

Kryptonia victory poses as her super slut is beneath her bare feet.

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Includes superheroine, super villain, femdom, female domination, humiliation

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60 minutes



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