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Hot Liquid Kryptonite
Featuring Star Nine

This clip contains some static noise (example at beginning of preview), hence the discounted price.

Trapped in Dark Supergirl's lair you kneel before her as she tries to win you over. She's certain that she will be able to break you, to seduce you, after all, you may be a superhero, but you are still a man. She forces you to worship her stinky opaque black tights as the brags about how you will fight on her side against the good Supergirl. You wait until she believes that she has truly broken you to pull out your secret weapon.

Dark Supergirl laughs. No weapon can effect her, she's the girl of steel. But you have a secret. Hot liquid kryptonite hits her to her core. She clutches her stomach as her body begins to behave strangely. She complains of the heat as she slowly melts to a puddle on the floor.

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Includes superheroine, super villain, magic control, tights fetish

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10 minutes



Cat Burglary
Featuring Star Nine

You surprise Catwoman burglarizing your home. Caught up staring at her tight ass when you should be calling the cops, she's able overpower you. You come to tied up in the bedroom. She straddles your legs, seductively walking her gloved hands up your chest. You're instantly aroused, but still you yell out for help. Catwoman is prepared for this, she's been in your daughters laundry hamper & she quickly gags you with a pair of creamy panties.

As she is looking around for more things to steal your phone rings. She answers it, pretending to be a work colleague. You desperately scream for help, but are unable to make yourself heard around the wet cloth in your mouth. Catwoman taunts you - your daughter is planning to bring a friend over. The idea of being discovered all tied up by your daughter torments you, but a good dose of catatonia quiets you down.

Catwoman decides to leave you in an even more compromising position. She pulls your pants down exposing your erect cock. She teases it for a bit before leaving you bound, gagged with your daughters panties, bondage porn playing on your phone. You struggle helplessly as you wait for your daughter to discover you choking on her panties with your dick out.

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Includes superheroine, super villain, femdom pov, male bondage, female domination

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17 minutes



Bionic Battle
Featuring Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

Chrissy & Star arrange to go for a run after Star's stay at the OSI hospital. Star is a little tired & Chrissy offers to make her some tea. As Star sits on the couch, her bionic ear activates. It's an imprinted cue that puts her into a mesmerized state & forces her to use her bionics against Chrissy.

Star sneaks up behind her friend in the kitchen & bionically pounds her left foot. Chrissy hobbles around, pleading with Star to snap out of it. A bionic battle begins with Chrissy & Star trading kicks and punches.

Star catches Chrissy's left leg & bends her toes back until they malfunction. Chrissy's foot lands with a fizzle and she bionically runs out of the room. Star chases her and tackles her to the floor.

The bionic battle continues. Eventuslly Chrissy's leg gives out and she falls to the floor unable to get up. Star pushes her leg back towards her head as Chrissy's bionics slowly fail. Chrissy passes out from the pain & Star blankly continues to play with her nylon legs.

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Includes superheroines, robots, female fighting, magic control, limp fetish

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20 minutes



The Magician
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Nerdy spell specialist Star & Ashley Lane with her super strength investigate the mysterious disappearance of several women. Star's homing spell leads her to a local magician. Her magic sense indicates that the magician's power levels are quite low, but something mysterious happens as she begins to question him. He asks her to look at his eyes and she feels her mind slipping away. Unable to shake it off she becomes his covert drone.

Ashley bursts into the room, Star has been gone a long time & she is worried. Star approaches her from behind, acting her usual quirky self. Ashley asks what happened, did she find the magician. Star repeats the magic eye trick & Ashley quickly finds herself lost in Star's eyes. Are there colors? Are they swirling? Star snaps her fingers & Ashley is unable to resist groping her own breasts. Another snap of the fingers & Ashley is frozen in place, then falling sleepily to the couch.

Star gropes Ashley until she wakes. Another snap of the fingers & both girls fall hungrily into each others arms, kissing and ripping each other's clothes off. Arousal breaks the spell as they rub each other's pussies. Shocked at their predicament, the two heroines back away from each other, folding their arms over their exposed breasts. They question each other, unable to determine what is happened. A fog begins to fill the room as the heroines struggle to get dressed. They fall sleepily to the couch as Star desperately tries to pull up a protection spell.

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Includes superheroines, sleep fetish, lesbian domination, magic control, woman following orders

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14 minutes



Rival Thieves
Featuring Kim Chi & Star Nine

Poor, unfortunate, Kim Chi thinks she's pulled off the heist of her life. She fastens the priceless necklace around her neck as Catwoman strolls in. Kim Chi puts up a strong fight to keep her prize, but Catwoman has many tricks up her sleeves. Having unmasked her rival & bored of trading blows, Catwoman pulls out a spritzer bottle of Catatonia and puts Kim Chi to sleep. Placing the necklace in it's rightful place, around her neck, Catwoman turns her attention to the rival thief. She recognizes the opportunity to clear herself of a few crimes, including this one. She restrains Kim Chi tightly with leather belts before dropping a few less valuable items on her belly. When the police arrive all they will find are the charred remains of an amateur thief with some precious metals fused to her bones. Catwoman sets the detonator & leaves Kim Chi to struggle for her life as the time ticks down.

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Includes superheroine, bondage, super villain, struggling

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17 minutes



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