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Catwoman's Mocking Bird
Featuring Star Nine

The problem with sidekicks is that they're always getting into trouble trying to prove themselves. Take Robin for instance, he's managed to get himself all tangled up in Catwoman's bat trap. He looks like he'd make a tasty treat, all plucked and dipped in hot oil, but he'll make even better bait. Catwoman cuts him down, seduces him, and turns him into her little mockingbird.

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Includes superheroine, super villain, mesmerize, femdom pov, female domination

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19 minutes



Supergirl vs. Supergirl 2
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

After many hours alone with the kryptonite crystal, Supergirl (Ashley Lane) has pulled herself together & placed it in a containing box. Now she has arrived at the lab of her good friend Dr. Wilkens.

Of course, owing the the psychic link, Evil Supergirl is the only one waiting for her.

Supergirl demands to know where the doctor is.

Her clone counters with "what's in the box"?

Supergirl explains that she's going to destroy the kryptonite crystal. That she's learned the hard way that there is no safe way to harness it's power & that there is a reactor in the lab that burns hot enough to melt it.

Clone says don't lie, sister. I know you were tempted to weaponize it against me. Of course any weapon you hold in your hands against me will only be used against you. Why don't you just go ahead and hand it over? You know I'll just take it from you.

Supergirl refuses & they begin to trade kicks & punches. Supergirl eventually finds herself having to punch with the box & her clone is able to grab it & twist her arm around forcing her to let go. She takes kryptonite out of the box, she knows Supergirl spent some time alone with it, was she trying to develop immunity? How did that work out for her? She puts Supergirl in a sleeper hold with the kryptonite in front of her face & Kara slowly goes out.

The clone slaps her awake on the sybian. She points out the conduit running into the sybian, supercharging it, right from that reactor. If you thought your last orgasms made you weak . . . Speaking of weak, I know exactly why you're so obsessed with avoiding all things carnal - you think your desire makes you weak. You refuse to tap into your female power, just like you refuse to complete your mission. Supergirl grows weaker and weaker as she is forced to cum, but eventually she manages to rip the conduit off the floor. The torn conduit crackles with electricity and shoots sparks into the room. Perhaps this line directly from the reactor will allow Supergirl to defeat her evil clone once and for all.

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Includes superheroine, lesbian domination, female fighting, sybian, sleepy fetish

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19 minutes



Before The Magician
Featuring Star Nine

In this prequel to The Magician series, budding heroine Star Nine sits down for a fan interview. During the interview she explains why she keeps all of her spells on her phone, flashing back to a young Star carrying around heavy loads of magick text books as she investigates evil. She repeatedly finds herself blacking out and coming to tied up & naked. As the interview is coming to an end, Star becomes very drowsy. She whips out her handy phone and is just able to cast a spell as she is passing out.

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Includes woman following orders, sleepy, superheroine, pigtails, limp fetish

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13 minutes



When The Cat's Away
Featuring Star Nine

With the Cat away you couldn't resist joining a plot to do the unthinkable. A couple of alley cats convinced you to participate in a redistribution scheme. Stupid sylvester, did you think she wouldn't find out?

Catwoman hasn't been missing, she's been taking advantage of the situation, using the current plague to access some superior loot. you freeze in your tracks as she catches you tiptoeing out with a sack of her top shelf valuables.

A few cruel cracks of the whip and you fall to your knees. Prey to Catwoman's slave reconditioning scheme, she removes her golden necklace and mesmerizes you into giving up your co-conspirators. Of course she knows you're too stupid to plan this all on your own, silly domesticated tomcat.

Next you are allowed the privilege of licking her high heel boots clean. She locks up your disobedient cock in a cruel steel chastity cage before giving you just a little taste of your beloved catatonia.

There's 36 million in unearned cash being released upon the city. you won't be graced with another taste until you place all that money where it belongs, at Goddess Catwoman's feet.

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Includes super villain, superheroine, mesmerize, foot domination, femdom pov, boot domination, mind fuck, chastity

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18 minutes



The Magician 3
Featuring Tim Woodman & Star Nine

This conclusion to The Magician series (The Magician, The Magician 2), finds a dazed Star entering the Magician's lair.

The Magician walks up to the entranced heroine and gently caresses her, circling his prey. He congratulates her on her ability to occasionally snap out of his spells, a power that she exhibits as he starts to undress her.

Star snaps awake and casts a spell with her phone, the Magician's hands snap together as he is swept off his feet, bound with invisible rope.

Star sits beside the incapacitated villain and begins to question him about the missing women. She is careful to avoid eye contact, but the villain's mesmerizing powers are too strong and soon she is falling back into a trance. He urges her to release him and her hands tap out the code to undo her spell.

She is standing with his hands on her, unbuttoning her blouse when she comes to again. She reaches for her phone, but a snap of his fingers has her blank eyed removing the rest of her clothes.

Her hands cup her breasts, rubbing them mechanically. As her hands trail down towards her crotch she snaps out of it once more. Her protections fail her as the Magician snaps her back under, then hands her her phone ordering her to delete her little protection sub spell.

Doomed, she obeys. He gropes her tits, bragging about this plans to make her his evil bride. His hand moves rhythmically before her eyes as they grow heavy and she collapses into his arms.

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Includes woman following orders, magic control, superheroine, forced stripping, groping

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