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Satin CEI
Featuring Star Nine

With Star Nine!

Did you miss me, daddy? Do you remember when you thought you had control over your daughter? That was before you transformed into my stroking slave with my mesmerizing words.

Seeing you on your knees beneath me, cumming like a mindless slave, you are helpless to the thoughts I put in your head. The silky dress, long legs and seductive voice control and you're mesmerized into making tributes, stroking and making cum puddles. Cum. Eat. Serve.

There's nothing you won't give to see your Mistress orgasm, so put your tongue on the ground and start cum eating at my command. In your proper place at my feet, I pull out my Hitachi Magic Wand and humiliate you.

I ignore you while pleasuring myself, and you can only watch as my muscles quiver in pleasure from orgasm.

No woman will ever want your cock. There will be no stroking to any fucking image of me in your head besides my satin dress, nylons and black high heels. In fact, you aren't allowed to masturbate to what you saw. Erase it from your memory.

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Includes cei, femdom joi, femdom pov, satin, mesmerize

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10 minutes



Step-Sister Bondage
Featuring Ashley Lane

Your bossy stepsister, Ashley Lane, is babysitting you while your Mother and Father are out. She's on the phone in her belly baring top, jeans, white socks and black sneakers talking about how you're a loser and she can manipulate you because you want to see her naked.

Hanging up and taking a nap, she doesn't see you POV sneaking up with a pair of long socks and panties. Panty mouthpacking and securing it with a long sock cleave gag is the perfect prank for a bratty sister.

Fast forward and she awakens bound in nude chair bondage including a tight crotch rope. The gag stuffing muffles her speech to mmphs as she struggles to escape her tight bondage. Wheeling is difficult because her socked feet prevent leverage and her arms cranked behind her back are useless when trying to grab a tool. Moaning in frustration she stomps her feet causing tit bouncing. You love bouncing boobs!

You walk in on her escape challenge and she's scolding you through her sock gag. She's rewarded by being laid out on the sofa and a big knotted cleave gag to keep her quiet.

Rolling to her belly, her fingers grasp at her ankle binds and her large feet flutter to loosen the binds. Sneak peeks of pussy flashing are sexy and she becomes an angry damsel to be in this predicament. Grunting her threats of what she will do to her annoying little brother, you're not scared.

Standing and making a couple of bondage hopping steps, she grabs her phone before you confront her. Ashley's now hogtied and ball gagged on the bed. You gravitate towards big black ballgags that cause drooling and she's annoyed as she drools on her chest and determined to escape this hog tie.

Luck allows her to grab her phone and someone answers, but they can't understand the drooling gag talk and hang up. With her chance of rescue gone, she's pissed and continues her escape attempt. Slowing down, her bare feet and wrinkled soles are as much as movement as she can muster, but she continues to drooly gag talk.

Just wait till Mom and Dad come home!

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Includes bondage, taboo, rope bondage, sisters, gag talk

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OTHER KEYWORDS- damsel in distress DID classic bondage rope bondage device ball gagged woman ball gagged women struggling family room socks sock fetish tall woman tall women kink

25 minutes



Step-Sis JOI
Featuring Star Nine

With Star Nine!

Why are you awake? Go back to bed even though you had an exciting day at the amusement park. It sucks that Dad wouldn't get us our own rooms and we have to share a bed.

You keep making noise, so I turn on the lights and put on my eyeglasses. You don't want to tell me what you are doing? That means you were jerking off. Don't deny it to your big sister. It's natural and everybody else does it. You're lucky it's me that caught you instead of our parents. They would be so mad if they knew you were masturbating with your older sister in bed!

What were you thinking about? Are you crushing on someone? She's tall, long blonde hair, eye glasses and long legs.

I want to watch you masturbate. Wow, that's a big cock although I haven't seen many dicks. Are you experimenting or do you know what feels good?

Laying on my belly with my bare feet swinging in the air, I encourage you to jerk faster before Mother and Father come back. Do you want me to help?

Stroke it to me like I'm stroking my hands. Jack off for my long tan legs as my pointed toes and wrinkled soles make you hornier. My tight ass is out of the daisy dukes you liked and this is your chance to see my firm ass.

You like an audience when you're cock stroking and I know what will make you pop. My panties have been disappearing for awhile and giving a panty flashing makes you cum a big load. I knew you had a panty fetish!

We have to clean up your huge load, so use these tissues. I hear our parents and have to clean your jizz off my legs.

Turn on the AC because spunk has a very distinctive smell. We don't want them to know and if you tell anybody that you jerked off to your big sis and that she was watching and encouraging it, I will cut your balls off and shove them down your throat!

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Includes taboo, joi, jerk off instruction, masturbation instruction, masturbation encouragement

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OTHER KEYWORDS- sisters family room older woman younger man older woman/younger man jerk off encouragement joe cock tease dirty talking sensual domination foot fetish body worship fantasies fantasy roleplaying role playing blondes tall woman tall women kink confrontation

15 minutes



We Wear Diapers in this House
Featuring Ashley Lane , Casey Calvert & Star Nine

I, Star Nine, confront my daughter Ashley Lane and Casey Calvert when they start making out at their slumber party. It's ok that they are french kissing and having lesbian exploration, but there are house rules. Ashley is embarrassed and begs, hoping that calling me Mommy will sway me.

In my bedroom, I have the diapers and powder ready. Commanding Ashley to strip down, Casey is shocked to see her in a wet diaper. Her soaked diaper needs to be taken care of and I have her hop on the changing table. A wet wipe cleans her pussy lips and she lifts her butt as I remove the wet nappie and replace with a clean nappy. I give a dusting of babypowder to maintain the dry diaper. Tabbing tightly, I make sure the tabs are even.

Casey finds it cute that we are into Littles play and it could be fun. I love that she's supportive and pop a pacifier in Ashley's mouth before untabbing her soaked nappie. Casey is excited to get nude and for me to put a clean diapee on her!

With fresh diapers, my brat daughter is annoyed by the nappie discipline, but Casey wants to go back to tongue kissing and diaper rubbing. The crinkling plastic is a turn on as their bodies intertwine. Casey's blue fingernails are diaper grabbing with sexual intensity.

They're surprised when I enter wearing only a diaper and carrying ABDL supplies. I sit between them and tell them I need breast feeding and a dry nappie. While I'm tit sucking Ashley's tits, Casey's pussy rubbing over the moist diaper.  Ashley's uncomfortable as I'm nipple sucking and is glad when I'm full from my feeding.   Casey lays out a blanket and admits that it's her first diaper changing! She gingerly removes the tabs and reveals my wet pussy. Casey thinks I'm cute with my legs up waiting for a clean nappy. She adjusts the clean diaper so it will be perfect, and I gasp as the talcum powder is sprinkled. Kissing them goodnight, I encourage them to have fun!

It looked fun when I was tit feeding, and Casey wants a taste of breastfeeding. Ashley is irritated that her girlfriend is into the Littles Lifestyle and is determined to move out!  

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Includes diaper, ABDL, taboo, diaper discipline, diaper humiliation

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OTHER KEYWORDS - diaper fetish ageplaying age playing age regression pee fetish taboo mommy roleplaying mommy role playing embarrassment humiliation girl-girl girlgirl girl/girl girl girl GG tit play tit worship female domination femdom sensual domination lesbian domination blondes brunettes kink

18 minutes



Reunited Step-Sisters
Featuring Lola Fae & Star Nine

Long lost step-sisters Star Nine and Lola Fae are reunited. After years of searching for each other, Lola has arrived at Star's home for a weekend visit. Getting to know each other all over again, neither wants the night to end, but Lola is forced to turn in to recover from her long flight. After a hug that is hard to release from, Star lingers by the doorway, staring through the crack as Lola slips into her nightie before she catches herself and heads off to bed.

In the darkness of her room, Star is awakened by a noise in the middle of the night. As her eyes adjust she sees Lola now peering through the crack of her door. Lola's white nightie drapes off her body as she clenches her breast with one hand and frantically rubs her wet cunt with the other. Lola's moans and soft words of encouragement drift through the night air. Star slowly pulls the sheets down and follows Lola's lead, rubbing her pussy through her white panties.

Under the cover of night, the sexual tension releases from the step-sisters as they masturbate in unison, their eyes locked on each other. As Star's back arches up from the bed, Lola's legs give out and she falls to her knees finger fucking herself to completion. Star moans and bucks through her own orgasm. As she recovered her eyes dart back to the door, but Lola has vanished.

Star rises late after a sleepless night. She peaks in Lola's room but her step-sister isn't there. As she walks through the house, her body tight with anticipation, Star hears a familiar moan coming from the backyard. Gazing through the french doors she spies Lola sitting on the pool steps furiously fucking herself. Lola is talking dirty as she gets herself off again and again.

Now Star plays the voyeur, slipping her hand into her panties as she gazes out at her beautiful little step-sister. Star moans as Lola turns to catch her gaze. Suddenly Lola gets up out of the pool and approaches the glass door, pressing her wet body up against the glass and begging her step-sister to come out and fuck her. On the other side of the glass Star desperately begs Lola to cum.

As Star recovers from her orgasm, Lola swings open the door and jumps into her step-sisters arms, begging her to toss her into the pool and fuck her on the bottom for as long as she likes. Star happily obeys, carrying her little step-sister over the pool and tossing her in before jumping in herself. They descend, kissing, to the bottom where they go at each other, licking, finger fucking and tribbing to orgasm over and over and over.

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Includes underwater, wet look, lesbian, taboo, voyeur, masturbation, kissing

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50 minutes



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