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Taped & Diapered Cheerleaders
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Ashley Lane has a crush on her cheerleading coach, Star. She's always making excuses to stop by her office & today Star isn't there so Ashley takes the opportunity to snoop through her desk. Ashley finds a cheerleader uniform from the rival team and two roles of colorful duct tape. She's trying to make sense of these items when Star returns and ties her to the desk!

Star stands over Ashley holding a diaper and one of the rolls of duct tape. Its Ashley's dream come true, Star not only knows all about her crush, but the attraction is reciprocated! Ashley is excited, but confused. She's sure what Star is planning with the diaper and duct tape, but her concerns fade as Star leans in for a kiss. Ashley hungrily kisses back, moaning in disappointment when Star pulls away to neatly tape up her mouth with three pieces of pink tape.

Ashley begs for more kisses as Star pulls up her cheer-leading skirt and tapes her into a diaper! This is not going how Ashley had hoped at all, but she gives in as Star gets her off with a strong vibrator over her diaper.

As Ashley is bucking and moaning Star fantasizes about being diapered and taped up herself. She dreams herself into a diapered, tape gagged, hogtie, rolling on the floor next to Ashley with her vibrator taped to her thigh.

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Includes tape gagged, lesbian domination, orgasms, bondage, diaper, cheerleader

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14 minutes



Sleepy Show
Featuring Chrissy Marie

You've discovered Chrissy Marie's secret and hypnotized her into your sleepy play thing. In her highly suggestible state she willingly lifts the chloroform rag to her face, inhaling deeply at your command. She slowly lowers and lifts it, her eyes fluttering and rolling until you order her to hold it firmly up and she flutters her eyes and passes out.

When she wakes her mouth is taped shut with tegaderm. Chrissy is groggy and defiant, but she still finds herself compelled to follow your orders, inhaling deeply from the cloth over and over again until she falls asleep.

Now she's completely hypnotized and compliant. She tapes the chloroform rag over her mouth and nose, covering it tightly with microfoam tape. Chrissy runs her hands all over her body, aroused and moaning, as the chemical rag slowly knocks her out.

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Includes woman following orders, tape gagged, mesmerize, sleepy, gagged women

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16 minutes



Ziptied College Girl
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

College girlAshley Lane is captured & bound with zipties. Heavily blindfolded, tape gagged and barefoot, she struggles on the floor with her ankles, wrists, and toes tightly ziptied. After awhile she is moved to the bed & her blindfold removed, but she is still unable to free herself from the tight ziptie bondage.

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Includes bondage, damsel in distress, gagged women, struggling, barefoot, blindfold

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20 minutes



Latex Slave Slideshow
Featuring Ashley Lane

This is a photo slide show! Watch slave girl Ashley Lane tied up and tape gagged in latex gloves and thigh highs.

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Includes latex, photo set, tape gag, submissive sluts, bondage, gloves, stockings

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5 minutes



Self Bondage Surprise
Featuring Star Nine

Star is waiting for her girlfriend to come home & decides to get things started early by tying herself up. She gags herself with a cleave gag and ties her ankles and wrists. Star struggles sensually on the bed, but then her phone rings. Her girlfriend won't be home until much later. Star is disappointed, and then fearful as she hears an intruder entering her home!

The intruder is amused to find her already tied up. He adds more rope, covers her cleave gag with duct tape & handcuffs her wrists! Star struggles desperately to get out. By the time her girlfriend gets home, she's no longer in the mood to play, begging to be let out through her layered gag.

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Includes struggling, self bondage, gag talk, hand cuffs, tape gagged

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11 minutes



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