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Final Anniversary
Featuring Sam Solo & Star Nine

Sam Solo is surprised to see me in vintage garter and stockings and a sexy corset. I wore these full fashioned nylons and he forgot our anniversary!

Stripping him down, he's nervous as I'm onscreen tying him to the bed for some bedroom bondage. I'm annoyed as he complains about being helpless and shove a big ballgag in his whining mouth.

Will I do tease and denial games before leaving him bound and helpless? Starting a handjob, he doesn't love the idea of tease & denial!

Even though he's been bratty, I'm jerking him off before giving a deep throating blowjob. Rolling a special condom, I explain that it has chemicals that bind with semen and he will die but it will look like natural causes. He's scared but still hard as I climb on for some cowgirl sex.

Stripping my bra, I encourage him to practice orgasm control before climbing off for a rough handjob. As he cums, I watch his convulsions in pleasure.

Includes executrix, fucking, forced male orgasm, female domination, femdom sex

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26 minutes



Power Play
Featuring Star Nine

Why did it take so long to ask me out? I've been dropping hints since I started working here. Are you unused to reading cues? I'm not saying yes to a date, because I want to know what you really desire.

Shoe dangling my classic black pumps off my nylon feet, I ask if you normally get what you want. Did I influence your thoughts, or was this your idea? Are you triggered right now by my implanted suggestions?

Do you think that if you caress my nylon legs, I will want to fuck you? Putting my long legs on the table, I let you know that it will have to be MY suggestion.

you don't want to lose power as an alpha male and I'm part of your power play. you want my power rubbing off on you as we pretend to be a power couple. Fall under my manipulatrix spell and manipulations of your desires, as we play a game of tease and denial since I will never fuck you.

It's going to cost you. What's more important - money or power?

Includes financial domination, humiliation, mental domination, pantyhose domination, female domination

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17 minutes



Squirt Toy Game
Featuring Candle Boxxx & Star Nine

There's a heat wave and I have an idea to test out my squirting toy to help us cool off. It's powerful so Candle Boxxx suggests playing Rock Scissors Paper Stripping Games to see who goes first, in case it is too much pressure.

Candle loses all her clothes and I admit that I put ice water in the toy and insist that Candle keep her hands above her head. Anticipation makes her squirm and wiggle before the cold stream blasts her curvy body. When it makes impact on her large breasts and belly she laughs and shivers from the cold. The pussy shots take her by surprise but she's given a break when I refill.

Lying flat on her tummy, she takes the punishment on her round ass, giggling at the impact. Since she's not controlling her movements so I have her get in doggystyle position with her firm ass in the air. Her wrinkled soles alternate with pointed red toenails as she gets sprayed.

Turning around to lie spread eagle in her wet spot, she's not allowed to move, but it feels like a vibrator on her clit as her body convulses and she's cums quietly and deeply. Spent from cumming, she perks up when I promise her a turn to spray me!

Includes games, embarrassment, orgasms, embarrassed naked female, tease & denial

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13 minutes



Castration Sentence
Featuring Star Nine

I'm Dr. Star Nine and you've been properly restrained for this invasive procedure to remove testicles as ordered by the Court. It's important that you're immobilized because we don't want to accidentally do a penectomy. Although the castration is an appropriate punishment for a naughty boy.

My long fingernails graze my deep plunging silk blouse as I explain the painful procedure. There will be ball bondage using this metal clamp. We hope to keep your disobedient cock far away because this sharp scalpel allows me to make the incision.

I would love to remove all of your Manhood, but legally I am unable. I can demonstrate how I will be slicing the ball sac, popping the testicles out and removing excess flesh, stitching you up. you don't need your testes to live and they're easy to remove.

your victims will watch your ball torment. you claim it wasn't your fault, only those slutty women taunting you with their flesh. your hard on is reacting to my cleavage and long legs. After your castration surgery, you won't get a hard cock. Stripping my satin blouse and tit grabbing, I'm cock teasing about how you will become impotent to such sexual stimulus. The testosterone will be gone and you will be left with a smooth void between your legs where hanging testicles used to hang.

There will be no acting on your sexual urges and it makes you more vulnerable. you will never be as superior as a woman. After your ball removal, they will be burned and can never be reattached.

I will be doing a topless castration procedure because I need you hard. you can also look at my full fashion stockings if you have a leg fetish. A flaccid dick gets in the way. So no soft dicks before I clamp and slice.

you should be looking forward to your new life as a compliant castrated male.

Includes gelding, humiliation, cbt instruction, female supremacy, medical fetish

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15 minutes



Controlled By Pussy
Featuring Star Nine

you repulse your Mistress with your disgusting fucking desires. you're such a filthy faggot pig, so why do you need me to control you when you can suck cock on your own? What's the best way to keep you under control and obey my commands without giving you too much of my time?

Turning around, I want to understand your obsession. I want to see your reaction to my tight ass because you're such a filthy pervert. I'm tit squeezing to see if my perfect little tits are what make you hot. Maybe it's my wet mouth that controls you? Is it my beautiful face and long blonde hair? None of the usual feminine wiles are your triggers.

you're so confused and crave to be controlled by my superior pussy. My long fingernails are clit rubbing over the lace bodysuit and you're aching to see my perfect pussy. Show me how much you want it by sending a tribute.

your slave tasks are to submit to my pussy lips as I'm pussy spreading and I give you mantras to repeat and obey. I fucking own you. Now pay to view the Goddess pussy you crave and send blackmail videos of you cock sucking. The more you tribute like a good pay piggy, the more depraved tasks I will send you.

Includes pussy worship, gay humiliation, female domination, Goddess worship, financial domination

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12 minutes



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