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3 Wishes
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Star pretends to be a genie & grants Ashley Lane three wishes. First Ashley wishes for Star to perform a strip tease & Star sexily gets naked. Ashley decides to join her & removes her clothing as well. For her second wish, Ashley wishes for a tickle fight and the naked girls roll around the living room giggling. With her final wish, Ashley asks to make out & so they sensually kiss and caress each other.

Star says that since Ashley got her three wishes that it's time for her to go. She nods her head and magically disappears into thin air! Ashley is shocked, she thought they were just role playing! Her shock turns to laughter as invisible hands begin to tickle her all over.

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Includes erotic magic, tickling, strip tease, kissing

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10 minutes



Lance's Dream Hogtie
Featuring Star Nine & Lance Hart

Lance confesses his bondage fantasies to his girlfriend & is shocked when she pulls out a bag of rope! Soon Star has him at her mercy in a tight hogtie. She teases and tickles him before leaving him to struggle against the ropes, just like in his fantasies.

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Includes rope bondage, tickling, CFNM, bondage, bondage male

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16 minutes



Tickling Punishment for Psylocke
Featuring Nyssa Nevers, Tomiko & Star Nine

Batgirl (Star Nine) and Robin (Tomiko) foil Psylocke's (Nyssa Nevers ) plans to bomb the city. Batgirl know's Psylocke's Achilles heel, and Psylocke is all tied up, unable to use her powers. It takes awhile, but Batgirl & Robin are able to tickle the codes out of her. They start on her feet, using the heels of her own shoes to tickle her before removing their gloves & tickling her all over.

Includes: tickling, superheroine, bondage

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10 minutes



Losing Control
Featuring Star Nine

I'm on the phone confessing to my best girl. Remember that pervert I had to fire? Right, the one who was filming women in the office. Well, I didn't actually fire him . . . you know I'm a bit of an exhibitionist - we were having these weekly sessions in my office, I would tease him with my stocking legs and feet, and he would film me, he'd stroke his cock. But now it's gone too far . . .

He started coming in everyday, and then one day he set the camera down and grabbed my feet and started tickling them! Rubbing his hand up my silky stocking legs as if that was just part of the deal!

That was months ago and it's progressed even further . . . now he pops my stocking toes in his mouth and sucks them. It's as if he realizes that he has all this video evidence, that I look complicit. Like he thinks he has control.

Maybe that's all this was all along, I have to admit that the tease makes me wet at this point.
I put down the phone and begin to stroke my wet pussy as I continue the conversation. A game of control. First I had control, then I let him think he had control, but maybe meeting daily was really my idea. Maybe all that tease with my stocking legs and stocking feet was getting to me too. Maybe it does make me drip when his hands glide on my silky stockings. But I'm still in control. It was all my idea, and the second I'm bored I can just drop him and have another slave kneeling at my feet.

Includes pantyhose/stockings, foot domination, masturbation

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10 minutes



Encasement Play
Featuring Nyssa Nevers & Star Nine

I've encased Nyssa in black nylon & promised her some fun . . . but first I have to get her back for tickling me earlier. I caress her nylon covered face, tickling her ears and eyelids. I pull her bound ankles towards me to play with her nylon feet, tickling them, blowing on them, nibbling them. I tickle her nylon covered torso, ribs, ass . . .

I tell her I'm going to join her, if I untie her to pull on my nylon mask will she try to get me back? I take the chance, covering my arms in nylon, the hole cut big so that my white tits spill out. She behaves and we enjoy our encasement, rubbing our nylon bodies together, tribbing to orgasm. She tears a hole in my pantyhose, straps on a matching black cock, fucks me from behind.

Includes pantyhose, nylon encasement, tickling, tribbing, strap-on fucking

13 minutes



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