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Melting Ivy
Featuring Star Nine

Whatever led you to enter my lair - were you craving one of my legendary poisonous kisses, were you aching for a gander at my stems?

If the bat with all of his resources can't stop nature then whatever do you expect to be able to do with that tiny little body of yours?

You're clearly in over your head, I suggest you start to grovel. In fact, why don't you go ahead and kiss my warm fragrant nylon feet.

I can tell you're quiet excited as your mouth is making My toes tingle - wait, that's not right. You're the one who should be tingling.

Weed Killer? My perfect long stems, they're melting!

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Includes superheroine, tights fetish, poison ivy, transformation, super villain

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11 minutes



Tights Fantasy
Featuring Star Nine

I come across something in your case file that gives me pause. I'd thought it was just me in our meetings, imagining your gaze, your eyes on my legs, but it's all spelled out in the discovery files. Your tights fantasy. I quickly schedule a last minute meeting, despite our case being a slam dunk.

I greet you in my living room, wearing opaque black tights instead of my customary pantyhose. I've made up an excuse, my office being painted. I sit and cross my legs, rubbing them together as I pretend to go over the case file. I can see you getting excited. You look a million miles away, deep in your fantasy as you stare at my tights.

I haven't worn panties and I feel myself getting wet as I take a deep breath and cross the line. I confess my intentions, stripping my close off in a hurry and begging you to fuck me through my tights.

I rub my clit through my pantyhose and talk about how good your naked cock feels in my fertile pussy. I love risk. I beg you not to pull out, I want you to cum inside me, make things really complicated.

Afterwards I keep my legs pulled in tight, hoping to get pregnant, fantasizing about our future. I want to leave my husband for you.

This was a custom video & the viewer is addressed as "Brian" throughout - email to commission your own custom fantasy video ;)

Includes tights fetish, impregnation fantasy, virtual sex

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13 minutes



Dance Tights
Featuring Serene Isley & Star Nine

Star and Serene are doing their stretches. Serene notices that Star is wearing nice, shiny, pantyhose instead of the regulation dance tights. Serene threatens to tell her mother, the head of the dance troupe, unless Star trades tights with her. Star goes along with it, but she is not pleased. The girls banter back and forth until Serene has had enough and threatens to tell mommy again unless Star gives her stinky dancer feet a massage.

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Includes Foot Smelling, Tights Fetish, Stretching, Pantyhose Trading, Dancers, Foot Massage

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The pantyhose worn in this clip are available for sale, email

9 minutes