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Wonder Woman Auction
Featuring Bella Rolland, Star Nine & Tim Woodman

Bella & Star lounge in each others arms. Bella stares at the clock, they're going to be late for their civilian cover. Star gets up to use the bathroom & Bella dresses in her disguise. She's just put her glasses on when the closet door quietly opens behind her. A henchman steps out and clamps his hand over her mouth. He's under contract to a slavery ring & has been watching the two girls.

He gets Star, too, when she returns, leaning over the bed teasing Bella for being so sleepy. He runs his hands over their bodies, lifting their skirts, examining the merchandise. Now he just has to keep them under control until the auction can begin. He carries them over his shoulder to the couch where he can keep an eye on them. He gropes & strips them, dragging them back to the couch whenever they sleepily try to get away.

The villain has left the room, Wonder Bella awakes and realizes that she needs to get her costume on. She's just finished adjusting her tiara when he returns. He doesn't show his surprise, but he knows that he's in for an even larger pay day. He's easily able to prevent Wonder Bella from using her powers. She's still susceptible to chloroform, superheroine or no.

Star awakes & sees Wonder Bella asleep in her costume. She follows suit. The villain approaches and she is also unable to remain conscious. Despite their best efforts he is able to knock them out over and over again keeping them under control until they can be sold.

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Includes superheroine, sleep fetish, limp fetish, lift & carry, groping

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71 minutes



Supergirl vs. The Auctioneer
Featuring Star Nine & Tim Woodman

Supergirl gets a hot tip at the news station where she works as reporter Linda Lee. Authorities have been investigating a mysterious dark net auctioneer who appears to be local, having auctioned off several stolen paintings worth millions of dollars from the local museum. The room the paintings were auctioned in matches photos that surfaced after the disappearance of a clairvoyant teen from the local hospital.

Supergirl has traced the decrypted ip address of the auction feed to a residential garage. She rings the doorbell & there is no answer. She hops the fence & strong arms the back door.

Opening the door to the garage she finds she is in the right spot. She walks over to were the teen was photographed & also finds the holes where the paintings were hung. The garage is set up similar to a news studio . . . all set for broadcast! He must be getting ready for another auction. She examines a black crate. The latest merchandise?

Suddenly he is behind her. He cryptically refers to her excellent timing. He has a rare item coming up for auction and she will be the perfect accompaniment.

Supergirl assures him there will be no auction, but a nagging thought crosses her mind - how was he able to sneak up on her? A fight ensues. Supergirl worries about her unusual weakness as they trade blows. He reaches for a sledgehammer - this is gong to be fun. He winds up and hits her in the stomach. She falls to her knees facing the crate.

CONFUSED? LET ME SHOW YOU MY LATEST MERCHANDISE. He lifts the lid of the crate revealing the Kryptonite . . .

Strapped to a post with Kryptonite laced duct tape, Supergirl is forced to endure multiple orgasms while the auctioneer prepares for the evening's broadcast. The heroine's eyes flutter and roll back as she goes limp in her restraints. The auctioneer cuts her down and carries her away.

It's time for the auction to begin. Supergirl struggles against her Kryptonite bonds, seated on a sybian, on full display for potential buyers. She pleads with the audience, what if she were to fall into the wrong hands? Yes, imagine the possibilities.

The auctioneer gags her and begins the bidding. He turns the sybian on - just to make it interesting. The bidding opens at $200 million and will close when Supergirl passes out from cumming.

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Superheroines, Forced Orgasms, Magic Control, Cosplay, Costumes, Beatdowns

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20 minutes



The Family Business
Featuring Star Nine & Tim Woodman

Tim snaps when his sister fires him from the family business. He shows up at her door demanding answers and keeps her bound and gagged as he tries to make her see reason. Pushed over the edge as it becomes clear that his efforts are futile, Tim plans to cut his sister out of the art biz once and for all. He psychotically begins to paint her restrained belly for the gallery's grand reopening.

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Damsel In Distress, Limp Fetish, Tapegagged, Sleep Fetish, Bondage, Tape Bondage

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21 minutes



The Witness
Featuring Janira Wolfe & Star Nine & Tim Woodman

Tim's assignment is going unbelievably well, until he looks up and sees the witness. Was she a witness? Did she see him? He can't have any lose ends. He quickly & quietly creeps up behind the woman floating in the pool. He clamps his hand down hard over her mouth. She screams and struggles. Her floating lounger drifting away in the commotion.

It's easy to flip her small frame over in the water. He pushes her head under and holds her down as she desperately struggles and tries to hold her breath.

It's over so quickly. He turns her limp, lifeless body over in the water & removes her bikini, groping her tits.

Later her body is checked and bagged as the crime scene is investigated.

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Drowning, Struggling, Male Domination, Smother, Domination, Death

6 minutes



The Package
Featuring Star Nine & Tim Woodman

Star plays a key federal witness being guarded by the FBI prior to trial. She does not take the threat against her seriously, much to the frustration of the agent assigned to keep an eye on her. She sneaks out to go shopping & is spotted in public, resulting in the agent losing his job.

The agent thinks quickly and calls the defendant, the villainous Mr. Rodriguez. His new arrangement made, he pounces on the witness, wrapping her up with tape into a nice little package for his new boss.

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Limp Fetish, Mummification, Tape Bondage, Sleep Fetish, Hand Over Mouth, Damsel In Distress

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15 minutes



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