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Comic Nerd Humiliation
Featuring Star Nine

I was looking to see what kind of porn you have, but what I found is much worse. Are these yours? Comic books? I'm just now realizing exactly how pathetic you are. Watch me destroy your precious collection. Ripping them apart, trampling them under my heels, spitting on them. What's wrong, oh, were those valuable? Were they your favorites? Well, they're nothing but trash all crumbled and wet under my heels now. Just as worthless as you.

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Includes verbal humiliation, humiliation, trampling, spit, brat girls

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17 minutes



Break Room Crush
Featuring Danielle Trixie & Star Nine

Danielle storms into the break room looking for a snack to distract her from her horrible work day. She slams through the cupboards finding nothing. Eventually her search turns up a drawer full of disgusting little snack cakes. Danielle would never put that garbage in her body, but maybe there is a way that the gross little cakes can make her feel better.

Danielle unwraps the cakes, dropping them on the floor. She hopes that smashing and crushing them under her stiletto heels will reduce her stress. To her relief, it works.

Star walks in on her coworker trampling the little cakes and joins in, crushing them under her heels. Danielle and Star removed their heels and crush the rest of the cakes barefoot, examining the mess on their soles before jumping up and down on any remnants and sneaking away barefoot, leaving the mess for someone else to clean up.

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Wet & Messy, Messy Feet, Food & Object Crush, Food Fetish Dirty Feet Secretary

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10 minutes



Mean Girls
Featuring Candle Boxxx & Dixie Comet & Roxie Rae & Star Nine & Whitney Morgan

The popular girls are standing around the classroom, perplexed by a platter of cupcakes on the desk. It must be somebody's birthday, but they can't think of who it would be. They know everyone's birthday - at least everyone who matters. Candle posits that it must be Anthony's birthday - ew, gross, Anthony is fat and smelly, no one would want to eat his cupcakes, they like, came from his house. Whitney comments that they aren't even fit for trampling. The girls love the idea of squashing Anthony's cupcakes under their feet. They take off their shoes and arrange the cupcakes all over the floor. They squash the little cupcakes, getting frosting and sprinkles all over their soles and between their toes. As they destroy the final cupcake, Anthony enters the room. The mean girls tell him he can eat the cupcakes off their feet, which he does, while they taunt him.

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Food & Object Crush, Foot Domination, Foot Fetish, Wet & Messy Dirty Feet Foot Humiliation

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9 minutes