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Burglars Possessed
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Ashley Lane and Star Nine break into an abandoned house to look for things to steal. It's all going smoothly until the ghost of a young man appears! The ghost shows himself to Star first and she pretends not to be afraid until the ghost announces that he's going to try to possess her and flies into her breasts! Star's body convulses as she struggles to keep control, but the ghost wins. He's about to use her cellphone to call the cops but then he notices her boobs. He's never gotten to touch boobs before. The ghost gets thoroughly distracted, using Star's hands to grope her tits and stripping down in front of a mirror. He uses her voice to call Ashley into the room. Ashley backs away in confusion as Star tries to kiss her. The ghost flies out of Star as her body collapses on the floor. Ashley runs to the door but it's locked and the ghost flies into her butt, possessing her. The ghost enjoy's Ashley's body, rubbing her tits and pussy and marveling at the sensations. Finally he pulls himself together and manages to call the cops before first Star and then Ashley up. Star looks on in horror as Ashley gleefully gags herself before the ghost releases her body. The tied up burglars struggle against the ropes as the ghost mocks them until the police come.

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Includes gender transformation, magic control, tape gag, transfer fetish, bondage

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20 minutes



Featuring Star Nine

Breathe deep big meditative breaths for Me. Think about what you desire most. That sound. That gentle soft soothing sound. Breathe.

The mind is really quite a magical tool. The imagination. Remember being alone, playing pretend, remember being alone at night, unable to fall asleep. Something special in your minds eye. Someone special as yet undiscovered, but the symbol always there. Nylon legs, nylon toes, wiggling under a door, under your nose, under your eyelids. Your eyes are closed & you're trying to drift off to sleep.

The mind is capable of all sorts of nonsensical magic. Close your eyes. Pull every single hope and dream & wish that you ever thought impossible. Take it all. Close your eyes & gently speak your unintelligible wish.

So hard to put into words for you. Yet so obvious to Me, what you need, what you dream of. Feel yourself wrapping around my soft delicate foot. Feel the wrinkles of my arch rubbing up against you. Feel yourself touching every little millimeter of my flesh. Feel the thrill of my knobby ankle bone. Close your eyes breathe deeper. This is what you wish. Your subconscious desires. I can read them. you've become My pantyhose. Yes, you are. The soft Wolfords covering my smooth toned calves. you are the sheer nylon. You are that sound. Feel it. Feel your texture rubbing, feel the warmth of My leg inside of you. Feel the erotic awareness of the sense of My skin. Feel the stretch when I spread My toes with you over them. Feel the smooth surface of My perfect gel pedicure.

Feel yourself, sliding against yourself over My thigh. Breathe in. you never dreamed this joy possible. you never could identify this unspoken desire in your dreams falling asleep at night. you were never aware.

I can take you anywhere. I can make you anything. Whatever could top this? you never want to be a millimeter further away from My wiggling toes. What pure meditative heaven have I taken you to.

Anything is possible. Shed your skin, cover My skin, coat My skin, this close. An immeasurable distance, so tiny , so minuscule, so close to your Goddess.

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Pantyhose Domination, Mesmerize, Transformation Fantasies, Transfer Fetish, Pantyhose/Stockings, Transformation Fetish

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16 minutes



Nylon Lover Transformation
Featuring Stella Liberty & Star Nine

With a special potion Goddess Star gives you a gift that you never dared dream of, the experience of a lifetime, the chance to temporarily inhabit the body of a Goddess.

Your eyes flutter open from the most wonderful dream. Goddess Star was there promising you the most amazing things. Your look up and see Star watching over you & your long sleek nylon legs. It's incredible, you never dared imagine. You run your hands over your new legs.

Goddess Star rubs your long nylon legs with her silky nylon feet, you press your matching 8.5's together. You experience the deepest bliss. You can't help but ask to touch your new pussy. Star denies you this at first, teasing you with her soft nylon toes. Sparks shoot through your clit. A new sensation, you can barely handle it. Finally Star shows you how to rub your pussy & allows you to cum. You can't bear the thought of returning to your old male body.

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Pantyhose/Stockings, Gender Transformation, Pantyhose Domination, Transformation Fetish, Transfer Fetish, TransformationFantasies

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12 minutes



Featuring Dixie Comet & Whitney Morgan & Star Nine

Dixie found the perfect game for her slumber party at the thrift store last week. She brings it out as Star & Whitney lounge on the couch. Star immediately pulls back, citing a youthful misadventure in her refusal to play. Whitney & Dixie mock and cajole her until she reluctantly gives in.

Star pokes at the Ouija board, noticing some candle wax in the corner. The girls place their finger tips on the planchette and it slowly begins to move. They haven't gotten far when Whitney sneezes, removing her hands.

Whitney's eyes go white. She slowly stands and leaves the room. Star is pissed. Her and Dixie try to get the board to say "Goodbye" but the planchette won't move. Finally Star forces it. They yell after Whitney, annoyed, as Whitney slowly climbs the stairs.

Whitney is possessed. The girls call out to her, demanding drinks. She crushes sleeping pills with a mallet, sprinkling them into the glasses she brings for Star & Dixie.

Dixie chugs hes down, but Star passes out first. Possessed, Whitney poses and plays with her friends' limp bodies through the night.

As dawn breaks, she leaves her friends naked in the living room and wanders out to find chloroform.

Star and Dixie are just beginning to stir as their possessed friend returns. Now the demon inside Whitney is able to have some real fun. It's better when they struggle, fight, and wake up to do it all over again. She gets Star flailing with the rag over her mouth first, clamping her hand with the other rag over Dixie's mouth when she starts to protest. Finally after a couple more knock outs, Dixie is able to trick the demon, quickly grabbing the rag and knocking Whitney out.

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8 KOs, Limp Fetish, Transfer Fetish, Magic Control, Erotic Magic, Hand Over Mouth

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