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Watch This
Featuring Casey Calvert & Star Nine

Casey & Star have just returned from a seminar on a scientific breakthrough - a new watch that has the power to stop & start time. Casey is grumpy that Star purchased one of the watches, it's obviously all a huge scam.

Star begins to rub her high heel against Casey's legs, playfully holding her hand. Casey pulls away, rejecting Star's advances. Star stands to walk away, once out of Casey's sight she taps the watch. Casey is frozen in place & Star whispers in her ear, reminding her just how badly she wants Star - the watches have many applications that skeptical Casey didn't bother paying attention to.

Another tap of the watch & Casey is unfrozen. She reaches for Star & kisses her enthusiastically. Star gets exactly what she wants as Casey strips her down to her pantyhose and kisses and rubs all over her. Casey & Star passionately grind in their pantyhose, tribbing to orgasm multiple times. Finally, breathless, Star freezes time once again. Mockingly agreeing with Casey that it was all bullshit.

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Includes tribbing, pantyhose, lesbian domination, watch fetish, freeze fetish

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10 minutes



Standing Pee
Featuring Star Nine

Star stirs in her sleep, nude except for her toe rings, watch and anklet. She wakes from her afternoon nap and rushes to the toilet where she doesn't have time to sit down. She pees standing up, a strong & steady stream of piss shooting into the toilet.

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Includes pee, all natural, toe rings, watch fetish

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3 minutes



Watch Bondage
Featuring Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

Chrissy is amazed by Star's watch collection, Star admits a bit of a fetish & suggests that Chrissy try some of her watches on. Chrissy agrees & Star puts two watches on each of Chrissy's wrists before slyly mentioning that she knows a way to tie someone up with watches. Chrissy is naturally intrigued & Star shows her how to fasten 2 watches together into handcuffs. Star struggles against the leather straps of her watch handcuffs to show Chrissy how secure they are before having Chrissy uncuff her & putting her into watch handcuff bondage. Chrissy is impressed & Star teases her about leaving her cuffed up with the watches when they go to dinner.

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Wrist Watch Fetish, Bondage, Handcuff & Shackle Fetish, Struggling, Bondage Play, Handcuff Fetish

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15 minutes