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Sleep Spells
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Ashley Lane chats on the phone about her mind control ordeal and is shocked when I, Star Nine, walk in and try to hypnotize her.

Angry, Ashley pushes me off but is under my control when she hears her induction. I'm groping her as she struggles to maintain mental control. The tall girl slumps in my arms, unable to resist.

She awakens rope bound at my feet. The mantras pour out of my mouth but she won't fall under the spell.

I pull out a magic vibrator that will break her resistance. As Ashley moans, I repeat for her to let go and stop fighting her mind.

Climbing on top, I'm dry humping her with the electric massager between us. It doesn't take long before I'm cumming and I hop off to give her clit piercing more vibing. As her eyes roll back from climax, I'm ass smacking my slave.

Weakened but defiant, she won't look into my eyes, so I put a sleep spell on her that is activated by another orgasm. Nipple licking and using her hitachi magic wand makes her convulse in pleasure.

Ashley's swollen pussy is weak just like her resolve and she stares helplessly into my eyes, ready to serve her Master like a good girl.

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Includes mesmerize, bondage, lesbian domination, bound orgasms, sensual domination

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11 minutes



Camera Control
Featuring Star Nine

Star Nine sets up her webcam for her magic vlog and is excited to connect with fans over magic spells! Her fan 69 sent the camera and she's happy when he's in the chatroom.

Her eyes start getting heavy and her fluttering eyelashes are hard to keep open. She assumes the lighting is making her woozy. Grabbing her braids, she wonders why she's zoning out and confused when she starts saying mantras.

Fighting the mind control, she tries to look away from the camera, but is frozen in place. Mesmerized, she repeats, "Yes Master, I will obey your commands."

In and out of her mental fugue she remembers the mental control before snapping out of it. Flirty, her hands caress her pigtails and she cock teases with her body. Untying her tie and tit squeezing, she jolts awake and realizes she's been doing humiliating things in front of her camshow audience.

Alternating personas in her mind control spell, she peels off her skirt before realizing she's embarrassing herself. Trying to cover her body, she returns to a sexy slut and strips her shirt off.

Left in a bra and suntan pantyhose, she's mortified when she starts removing the sheer pantyhose. The bra is removed and her hands are boob grabbing.

She thanks you for her magic training before her head slumps and she's still until you are ready to play with your magic doll again.

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Includes mesmerize, female training, mental domination, embarrassed naked female, erotic magic

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9 minutes



Drugged & Gassed Heroine
Featuring Star Nine

Superheroine Quick-Fix (Star Nine) is investigating the disappearance of her trainee, Chrissy Marie. Retracing her steps, she sits in your living room and takes the drugged drink you offer. Unaware that you're the Baddie, she's desperate for details and wonders if you would do a hypnotherapy session to remember details. Her black gloved hands graze her suntan pantyhose as she tries to think.

Her heavy eyes and yawning tip her off that she's been dosed, but it's too late to prevent being KO'ed. The whites of her eyes show and she passes out. Quick healing is her superpower and she recovers from knockouts in seconds. Embarrassed and humiliated, she's determined to take down a Supervillain.

Smelling gas but not sleepy, she shrugs it off but can't explain why she's horny. Body groping and eye rolling, she snaps in and out awareness as the magic gas controls her mind and body. Stripping her top and tit grabbing makes her moan in pleasure until she snaps out of it.

Peeling off her black ankle boots, her eye whites show as she loses focus and strips her booty shorts leaving her in only suntan nylons which are shimmied down her long legs. Masturbating her wet pussy, she tries to practice pussy control, but she doesn't want to stop the pussy play!

Screw the orgasm control! Cumming brings her back to reality but she smells sleeping gas! She struggles to fight it but she's eye fluttering and knocked out.

Once she's in a limp pile on the floor, you start boob grabbing because she can't stop you!

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Includes limp fetish, sleep fetish, knockouts, superheroine, mesmerize

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11 minutes



Bypassing Aura's Defenses
Featuring Ashley Lane , Casey Calvert , Star Nine & Tim Woodman

Aura (Casey Calvert) wants to brand herself to be a bigger superheroine within the Agency and uses the PR Department to make marketing videos. Unbeknownst to her, the Magician (ProVillain Tim Woodman) works there and has been secretly capturing super heroines for the slave trade. He's using her promotional video as filler for his documentary on being "SuperVillain Of The Year" as you are filming it.

She finds it strange that he's using his cell phone, and he's annoyed that his magic app isn't weakening her like it did all of the other caped crusaders.

Switching tactics, he uses a drugged drink for their interview. She explains the special technology woven into her clothing that creates aura force fields and contacts that prevent hypnotism.

She's getting light headed with fluttering eyes and sleepy talk. Realizing she's been drugged, it's too late to get an antidote in her tool belt before she passes out.

The Baddie gropes her curvy body to sample merchandise and tries stripping her clothing, but it's stuck to her body. Tit grabbing will suffice and he goes to Plan B.

Bound, cleave gagged and unconscious, he continues the interview just as Ashley Lane enters in her daisy dukes, tight tank top and knee boots. She start a confrontation but he snaps his fingers and she falls unconscious to the floor. He explains their history and she agrees to do anything her Master requires.

When he returns to his bound captive, he's confused that she's escaped his rope binds. He grabs the used cleave gag in frustration and returns to his mindless slave Ashley.

The lights flicker and Aura has freed Ashley by spraying an anti-hypnotism spray. The tall blonde loses her glassy eyes and is confused and angry.

Behind his back, he turns on the sleeping gas and Aura feels the effects by yawning. She assumes it is a residual effect and is confident that her super powers will protect her. Ashley feels groggy and tries to start fighting, but she's woozy and the whites of her eyes show as she slumps to the ground.

Awakening in naked bondage they're embarrassed and humiliated. Aura had fail safes to prevent assisted stripping. They try to help each other escape, but it's futile.

The Magician enters and says that Ashley has been his pawn for a while which she refutes. With a finger snapping, she's KOed.

He dares Casey to give eye contact and she's cocky at first, but scared when he admits to removing her magic contacts. Her resistance breaks and she's under his magic spell. She's mesmerized by an invisible spiral and knocked out, lying on Ashley's nude body.

Now he has two superheroines to sell in the slave market!

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Includes mental domination, mesmerize, male domination, superheroine, sleep fetish

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15 minutes



Mesmerized Heroine
Featuring Chrissy Marie

Chrissy Marie is a perky new superheroine just starting out. She doesn’t have a costume but is naive and wants to make a name for herself.

Deciding to investigate the rash of crimes involving kidnapped women in the area, she visits the most recent victim (POV) who is actually the perpetrator.

She sits down in her belly baring tank top, daisy dukes and pantyhose with boots. Innocently taking a spiked drink, she talks about the drugging, gassing and hypnotizing of missing women in the crime report.

Chrissy gets sleepy with heavy eyes and tries shaking it off. Dizzy, she confronts you before standing. Her eyes rolling back and she falls back on the couch.

When knocked out, you do POV limp checks and start boob grabbing ber big natural tits.

Awakening alone, rope bound with her arms behind her back and legs together, she sleepily struggles to escape the rope bondage. The bondage rope is too tight and she questions if the victim did this due to her hypnotism, still not realizing she's the Baddie.

As she's escaping her binds, she activates a motion sensor and a sleeping gas enters the room. Her rolling eyes get heavy and she realizes she's in a gas chamber before passing out. Rousing again, she knows that she needs to stop this sleepy torture or she will be sold off in the slave trade. The POV perpetrator wears special glasses that destroy her focus as she's drawn into an induction spiral. Helpless to the hypnotizing magic, she acquires glassy eyes. A snap of the fingers and her head drops and arms go limply to her sides as she's entranced in a hypnotic sleep.

Coming to and realizing she's stripped nude, she tries covering herself but a finger snapping makes her become a docile slut who can't fight the pov tit squeezing.

Snapping fingers, her head droops and she will be ready for the next shipment of sex slaves.

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Includes superheroine, mesmerize, damsel in distress, bondage, sleep fetish

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10 minutes



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