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Locked Down By Big Sis
Featuring Star Nine

Lockdown has really interfered with your routine. At first you thought you'd just play video games forever, but now you find yourself bored & horny, lingering by Big Sis' bedroom door. Your cock hardens at the sight of her white socks kicking in the air.

Big Sis has an idea to cure her boredom & it involves tormenting you. Remember what happened last time she caught you jerking it with her dirty socks? This time she's thought up a little challenge. She'll give you her socks to play with, but there's a catch. If you leave her room without cumming you can do anything you want with them, but if her teasing makes you cum, you'll be her chaste slave for the rest of quarantine.

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Includes joi, taboo, socks, chastity

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14 minutes