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Sex Addict
Featuring Gwen & Bryan

Gwen has been in treatment for quite awhile and has been making absolutely no progress with her sex addiction. Dr, Bryan acknowledges that studies show talking therapy hasn't been as effective with sex addiction as with other compulsive behaviors, he suggests hypnotism. Gwen agrees to try it and Dr. Bryan introduces a candle as the focal point.

He leads her through an induction exercise which is ineffective. Luckily he has a sedative that can help with the power of suggestion. Gwen agrees and Dr. Bryan hands her a bitter liquid to drink down. The effects come on quickly, Gwens eyelids are visibly heavy as they gently flutter. She's out.

You stupid whore. You fuck truck drivers, you fuck pizza delivery guys, but a certified professional who does all the research on therapy that can fucking help you, well that's just fucking creepy isn't it? Well, I'm going to help you, you're going to help me.

Dr. Bryan sticks his hands down her pants, of course she's wet. He's sick and tired of listening to her whine. Maybe she wouldn't have a problem with sex addiction if she didn't dress so slutty, attract the type of guys she does.

He tosses her limp body around as he undresses her, exposing her huge tits. He spreads her smooth pink pussy open, commenting on how he made her appointment early in the day so he wouldn't get sloppy seconds. He rubs her limp hand over her pussy before positioning her in his lap where he sniffs, her, rubs her pussy, pulls at her huge tits. He's going to take care of her.

He checks her eyes before flopping her over and unzipping his pants. He pulls out his hard cock and and removes his shirt. He rams his cock in and out of her limp body. Her tits bounce. He flips her on her side and fucks her some more before positioning her limp body on it's knees in front of him. He sticks his cock in her limp mouth, making her cheeks bulge before moving her limp hand onto his cock, moving it up and down the hard shaft.

Another eye check before he re-positions her on the couch and fucks her limp body again, cumming on her ass.

Dr. Bryan cleans her up and puts his clothing back on before waking her up. Gwen is still nude, he's back in character. Gwen says she feels good, strangely satisfied, the therapy must have really worked.

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Limp Fetish, Sleepy Blowjob, Sleepy Handjob, Limp Play Hardcore Boy/Girl Sex In Multiple Positions Medical KO

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31 minutes