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Carpal Tunnel
Featuring Dixie Comet & Nate Liquor

Dixie visits the specialist who has been treating her carpal tunnel. He is very disappointed to see that she isn't wearing her brace. He's further annoyed when it becomes evident that Dixie hasn't even glanced at the physical therapy exercises he sent home with her last time. He offers Dixie Cortizone - a bandaid solution.

Dixie protests when he indicates that he wants to inject it into her butt, but quickly gives in and lifts her skirt for him. She sits back on the couch and begins to feel odd, complaining of blurred vision. She becomes loopy as the drug takes hold and her eyes cross before she passes out.

Dr. Liquor has his suspicions as to how Dixie developed her carpal tunnel, but first he gets to work examining his patient's limp body. He unbuttons her blouse and finds matching, whore, underwear. He pulls her panties off and pokes at her asshole before plunging his fingers into her pussy. He begins to rub her limp hand over the crotch of his pants & Dixie slowly, groggily, begins to come to. He injects her in the neck before she becomes conscious of the situation. Then he works on her exercises with her - using her limp hands to stroke his cock. He pumps into her limp palms, eventually cumming on her lips and tits.

Finished, he shakes Dixie awake, explaining that she had a strange reaction to the Cortizone shot. Dixie looks down at the cum on her tits & he explains that she had a seisure. Dixie agrees to make an appointment for the following week and then stumbles to the bathroom to clean herself up.

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18 minutes