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Foot Licking Roommates
Featuring Siren Thorn & Star Nine

Star is making a cake, it's almost ready to go in the oven, but she can't remember the temperature so she leaves to look it up. She must have gotten distracted, because she's still gone when her roommate, Siren, gets home. Siren is a very tactile person, and when she sneaks a finger dip taste of the cake she knows that she needs to immerse herself in the texture.

Siren doesn't think Star will mind if she has a little fun . . . she sits down with the cake batter and begins to dip her feet in, enjoying the feel of the cool batter on her feet & the taste of it off her toes.

Star is grumpy when she comes across Siren ruining her cake. She begrudgingly joins in, worrying about the mess. She may as well enjoy her cake. Siren & Star rub their cake batter coated feet together, stopping now & then to lick it off.

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Dirty Feet, Foot Play, Food Porn, Wet & Messy Foot Licking Foot Fetish

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10 minutes