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Reunited Step-Sisters
Featuring Lola Fae & Star Nine

Long lost step-sisters Star Nine and Lola Fae are reunited. After years of searching for each other, Lola has arrived at Star's home for a weekend visit. Getting to know each other all over again, neither wants the night to end, but Lola is forced to turn in to recover from her long flight. After a hug that is hard to release from, Star lingers by the doorway, staring through the crack as Lola slips into her nightie before she catches herself and heads off to bed.

In the darkness of her room, Star is awakened by a noise in the middle of the night. As her eyes adjust she sees Lola now peering through the crack of her door. Lola's white nightie drapes off her body as she clenches her breast with one hand and frantically rubs her wet cunt with the other. Lola's moans and soft words of encouragement drift through the night air. Star slowly pulls the sheets down and follows Lola's lead, rubbing her pussy through her white panties.

Under the cover of night, the sexual tension releases from the step-sisters as they masturbate in unison, their eyes locked on each other. As Star's back arches up from the bed, Lola's legs give out and she falls to her knees finger fucking herself to completion. Star moans and bucks through her own orgasm. As she recovered her eyes dart back to the door, but Lola has vanished.

Star rises late after a sleepless night. She peaks in Lola's room but her step-sister isn't there. As she walks through the house, her body tight with anticipation, Star hears a familiar moan coming from the backyard. Gazing through the french doors she spies Lola sitting on the pool steps furiously fucking herself. Lola is talking dirty as she gets herself off again and again.

Now Star plays the voyeur, slipping her hand into her panties as she gazes out at her beautiful little step-sister. Star moans as Lola turns to catch her gaze. Suddenly Lola gets up out of the pool and approaches the glass door, pressing her wet body up against the glass and begging her step-sister to come out and fuck her. On the other side of the glass Star desperately begs Lola to cum.

As Star recovers from her orgasm, Lola swings open the door and jumps into her step-sisters arms, begging her to toss her into the pool and fuck her on the bottom for as long as she likes. Star happily obeys, carrying her little step-sister over the pool and tossing her in before jumping in herself. They descend, kissing, to the bottom where they go at each other, licking, finger fucking and tribbing to orgasm over and over and over.

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Includes underwater, wet look, lesbian, taboo, voyeur, masturbation, kissing

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