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Jammed Accelerator
Featuring Star Nine

A man cuts the brake line of Star Nine's Mercedes and then corrupts the gas pedal. When she walks out in her yoga pants and blouse, she doesn't realize there is a puddle of brake fluid beneath her car.

Backing out of the driveway, she isn't aware of the peril, but her high heel boots pressing on the acceleration pedal feels loose and sticky at the same time. When pumping soft brake pedals, she tries to psyche herself into braking early.

Panicking more, she tries to maintain her cool despite being in a dangerous automobile. Her long nails graze the steering wheel as she figures out contingency plans. Brake stomping, she can't understand why she has a stuck gas pedal?

She's hoping the speed bumps will slow her down and makes tight turns hoping to maintain some driving control but runs red lights!

Calling a tow truck, she explains her driving despairs to the dispatcher in detail while her heeled boots pedal pumps. Piecing the parts together, she wonders if someone sabotaged her car!

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Includes pedal pumping, boot fetish, damsel in distress, driving, riding in car

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OTHER KEYWORDS- driving fetish cars DID damsel in despair shoe fetish eyeglasses eye glasses roleplaying fantasies role playing fantasy blondes tall woman tall women kink

23 minutes


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Girlfriend's Revenge
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Ashley Lane comes home and doesn't see me (Star Nine) sneak behind her until it's too late. Giving hand over mouth treatment, she's mmphing in fear behind the hand gagging. I ask if she recognizes me from the pictures on the wall from when she's cheating with my boyfriend. Her eyes widen as I'm arm holding, but she can't respond because of the HOM.

Sliding to the floor, my long legs are scissorholding her and I shush her.. She's not getting out of my submissions hold and I cover her nose for breath control. Dosing a white rag with chloroform, I let her know that she's going to be my bondage slave!

Ragdolling her limp head, she's ready for her pantyhose bondage. With on screen tying and tit grabbing, I humiliate this cheating whore. Stripping my shiny pantyhose, I love that she's getting a dirty pantyhose mouth packing. A dirty nylon mouth stuffing cleave gag should satisfy her need for my sloppy seconds. She awakens in fear and starts gag talking and struggles to escape her nylon bondage. Hair pulling her braids keeps her still as I give her another chloroform knockout.

On the bed, she's terrified to see my giant strap-on under my little black dress. Unbinding her legs, I'm peeling off her jeans and high heels before pantyhose ripping. Pushing her to doggystyle position, I'm pussy fingering her wet pussy before sliding my big cock in deep and hard.

I peel off my LBD to enjoy breaking my little sex doll. Pushing her head into the bed, I'm going to be fucking her all night!

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Includes bondage, limp fetish, home wrecker, lesbian domination, female domination

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OTHER KEYWORDS- sleep fetish struggling damsel in distress DID gagged woman gagged women verbal humiliation femdom sensual domination confrontation slut training submissive/slave training homewrecking home wrecking homewreckers home wreckers cheaters cheating fetish blondes tall woman tall women kink

21 minutes


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Desperate Foot Smelling
Featuring Dalia Maroe & Star Nine

Dalia Maroe is getting her annual review from me, Star Nine, but she's lousy and offers to do anything for the secretary job. She's heard that I have a lesbian foot fetish and I clarify that I like humiliating foot worship.

Crawling to her hands and knees, she starts begging as I'm high heel dangling in her face. Shoe smelling and foot massaging, she loses her eagerness, but tries to be a foot submissive.

Taking one shoe off, she has to do more high heel smelling and she can't believe I have such dirty shoes. Moving on to nylon foot smelling, I want to see her crying from my foot stench. As she's groveling, I expect her to talk to my pointed toes instead of looking at her new Foot Mistress directly.

She's instructed to give deep breaths to my smelly shoes. Her face smells like pantyhose feet, but I'm not done with her. My other black pump needs shoe worship before moving on to pantyhoes toe worship.

3 more deep breaths of dirty stilettos before she's putting them on my large feet, as I explain her new pantyhose worship routine.

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Includes pantyhose domination, foot worship, office domination, foot humiliation, foot domination

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OTHER KEYWORDS- pantyhose/stockings foot fetish foot slave training foot smelling shoe fetish high heels stilettos smell fetish female domination femdom verbal humiliation secretaries boss/employee work humiliation brunettes blondes tall woman tall women kink

13 minutes


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Tape Gagged Encasement POV
Featuring Star Nine

Star Nine is in pantyhose encasement - a nylon hood covers her hair with a tight flesh colored tapegag. Mouth packing muffles her moans and gagtalking. Her lips are outlined beneath as she tries speaking to you.

Her nylon hands cover her face as the sensation overtakes her body. When your big cock goes really deep, her pantyhose hands cross her chest or she starts tit grabbing because your big dick is almost too much for her petite frame.

Grabbing the nylon choker around neck, she asks you to cum as she gets closer to cumming!

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Includes pantyhose encasement, nylon encasement, gagged women, virtual sex, submissive sluts

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OTHER KEYWORDS - pantyhose/stockings tapegags tapegagged woman tapegagged women moaning fetish female orgasms blondes tall woman tall women kink nylon worship tights fetish

10 minutes


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Lesbian Bondage Domination
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Star Nine struggles in a standing spreadeagle and a crotch rope holds in a vibrator. As her engorged clit is teased, she moans and gasps, trying to practice pussy control, but the bondage orgasms want to overtake her body.

Her Mistress Ashley Lane saunters in and is angry that Star fucked her boyfriend. Grabbing the Cat-O-Nines, Ashley starts the flogging punishment.

A black ballgag muffles Star's mmphs, but she manages some gagtalking. Drooling, Star is embarrassed and humiliated as she receives her flogs. She is receiving the whore training she never knew she wanted or needed.

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Includes lesbian domination, damsel in distress, bondage, BDSM, female domination

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OTHER KEYWORDS- sensual domination femdom submissive/slave training slut training corporal punishment rope bondage rope bound orgasms imposed orgasms made to cum forced orgasms struggling DID drooling ballgagged woman ball gagged women gag talking electric massagers vibrators sex toys moaning fetish homewreckers home wreckers home wrecking homewrecking cheating cheaters confrontation verbal humiliation blondes tall woman tall women kink hitachi magic wands female orgasms scolding fetish whipping flogging

16 minutes


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