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Doctor KO
Featuring Candle Boxxx & Star Nine

Superheroine Star Nine tells Dr. Candle Boxxx about her heroic misadventures, not knowing that she is a Supervillain. Star thinks there is a spell blocking her memory. The doctor suggests a medical exam and her stethoscope causes lightheadedness. An eye check triggers her previous training and Candle recounts her KO exploits in a series of vignettes.

The medical professional "accidentally" gives her knockout spray. Star's fluttering eyes cross until she slumps and Candle ragdolls her arms. A neck pressure point knockout causes her to gasp and go limp. A spiked drink causes heavy eyes and she slumps on the exam table. Her tight ass receives a poison dart and her body tumbles from the medical table to the floor.

Candle admits that she bought the sleeping supplies from a villain website to take away Star's memory. She loves groping the helpless superheroine but can't lose her credibility. Now her long red fingernails can grope Star without punishment!

Star complains that it smells like chloroform, and Candle wonders if she has phantom odors that continually drug her even when not given a dose. In a flashback, she's given a chloroform rag.

More knockout treatments ensue with IV drugs, a needle to the neck, and a gas mask, under the guise that they will give energy. Candle gives a mantra to "let go" until her patient goes still.

Stripping Star's clothes, Candle is always amazed at her perfect body and can't stop from tit squeezing her.

Memory spray erases any of the evil doctor's misdeeds and Star happily makes an appointment for next month.

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Includes sleep fetish, limp fetish, medical fetish, superheroine, lesbian domination

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11 minutes


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Admirer Pantyhose
Featuring Star Nine

Star Nine is surprised that a secret admirer sent her a box with a note hoping that the enclosed suntan pantyhose bring her plenty of pleasure. Her red fingernails caress the suntan nylons and she's pleased when they fit her long legs.

Suddenly the pantyhose tighten and constrict but when she tries stripping them, they are stuck! She doesn't see the evil pantyhose escaping the box, creeping toward her. It's too late and they are wrapping around her arms and she's pantyhose bound. Her kicking legs won't allow escape.

Pantyhose jump in as nylon mouthpacking to shhh her cries for help. Gagtalking through the pantyhose mouth stuffing keeps her quiet but she's cleave gagged over a nylon hood.

Her flailing legs are put in pantyhose bondage and the stockings grab the Hitachi Magic Wand and create a nylon crotch rope.

Her button up blouse and front hooking bra are snapped open, revealing her perky tits. Looking down in fear at the powerful Hitachi vibrator, she's surprised when she's blindfolded.

With sensory deprivation, she moans in terror and pleasure as her body's cumming. As soon as she's done from her pantyhose orgasm, the hitachi is turned off and her pantyhose binds are released. Spent and happy, she removes the pantyhose hood and removes the pantyhose mouth packing.

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Includes pantyhose encasement, aliens & monsters, damsel in distress, bondage, bound orgasms

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18 minutes


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Tickle Arousal
Featuring Candle Boxxx & Star Nine

I'm (Star Nine) leading a college seminar on proper arousal techniques with sexual tickling and my model will be Candle Boxxx. She's a little shy but wants to be professional as she slips off her silk robe in front of the students.

She lies flat with her arms overhead, stretching taut on the table. My red fingernails hover over her body like a Reikki massage and the tickling anticipation makes her shiver in excitement. Her flat belly gets concave and her ribcage expands as she tries to move away from my fingers. Realizing she's hired for modeling, she tries not to laugh, but her wiggling toes give away her tickling tension.

She's gasping and back arching from tit tickling and the sensitive nipple tickle. In order to keep the sensation and avoid overstimulation, I go back to the belly tickle.

Inner thigh tickling is a hard tickle challenge and the tickling tension causes her to have wiggling feet and wrinkling soles as she tries to maintain control.

Given a break, Candle is bound in the Eiffel tower position with her arms overhead and legs spread. She's helpless to the bondage tickling demonstration.

A makeup brush is perfect for sensual tickling and Star starts with belly button tickling. The armpit tickling, breast tickles and inner thigh tickles make a dramatic arching back, but the clit tickling causes squirming. In a tease and denial game, the Professor makes her subject wait with anticipation before intense pussy tickling. Her red toenails point and flex she cums hard from the tickling orgasm.

Spent from the bondage tickling orgasm, Candle can't believe this is her job!

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Includes tickling, bondage, bound orgasms, belly fetish, bondage device

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19 minutes


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Suntan Pantyhose Voyeur
Featuring Star Nine

I'm excited to try on a pair of new pantyhose and start stripping my silk blouse and leather skirt. Unhooking my black lace bra and blacy lacy panties is like foreplay for the shiny pantyhose that I get to try on.

Ripping the package open, I love the silky nylons as I pull them over my pointed toes and up my long legs. Adjusting them over my tight ass, I'm admiring the way they hug my curves. Doing some pantyhose modeling, I like the way they fit, but don't love control top pantyhose.

Opening a package of sheer pantyhose, I gasp in nylon pleasure. These are more delicate and I'm caressing my body. One hand wanders up for tit squeezing and the other goes to the pantyhose gusset. The thin fabric adds sensation to my sensitive clit.

My grinding hips get in rhythm and I'm finger sucking like it's a cock. My pointed nylon toes press together as I'm masturbating over the suntan pantyhose.

Reaching under the pantyhose waist, I feel my wet pussy before going back to over the gusset and cumming hard.

I love breaking in pantyhose with nylon masturbation

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Includes pantyhose/stockings, solo female, masturbation, solo masturbation, legs

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11 minutes


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Star Employee Kidnapped
Featuring Star Nine

Star Nine was at a catering event for her Hooters girl job, and wears the traveling Hooters Girl uniform of a crop top, tight orange booty shorts, black tights and white scrunched socks. She isn't pleased to be rope bound after you kidnapped her. Realizing that being a bossy damsel won't get her untied, she becomes flirty and offers to show off her scrunchy socks and pantyhose legs. Toe pointing and toe spreading are her seduction tricks, but with a tinge of fear.

Convinced she seduced you, she's terrified when you grab a zip tie for choking. Begging for release, she can't believe she's going to be strangled to death.

She's gasping for breath as the tight plastic digs into her slender neck. Her pantyhose feet are revealed and her flexed soles alternate with toe wiggling and toe pointing, emphasizing the black nylon reinforced toes.

Her long red fingernails can't reach the binds and her hands twitch like her convulsing body. Croaking for air, her mouth foams and her eyes widen.

The frantic struggles stop and she lies completely still once death wins this game. You examine your prize from head to toe, pleased with her wide eyed death stare.

OTHER KEYWORDS - choking fetish necro fetish DID rope bondage rope neck fetish throat fetish struggling pantyhose fetish tights fetish costumes cosplay uniforms sock fetish blondes kink

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Includes death fetish, choking, damsel in distress, pantyhose/stockings, bondage

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10 minutes


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